The Balancing Act

Rewrite your financial script and create financial freedom!

Understanding why you spend the way you do is the first step in changing your behavior to line up with your long-term goals. Whether you are trying to catch-up, get ahead, or simply trying to maintain a balance between your income and your spending, The Balancing Act can provide the tools for you to achieve your financial goals.

This book was written to help everyone, regardless of age, income, or financial position. Like a screenplay plotline your financial life has probably experienced ups, downs, challenges and setbacks. Wherever that plot has left you, be the hero of your personal story and take control of your financial script. The Balancing Act walks the reader through a step by step process to change their financial behavior and create financial freedom.

Written by Dave Baldwin, an author, speaker, and personal finance coach. Dave shares his observations about what drives people to behave as they do with their money and gives ideas on how to overcome the challenges we all face trying to live within our means. 

Dave Baldwin has been helping people to realize and achieve their financial goals since 2005. He spent a decade as an executive level sales specialist for an institutional investment management firm. During this time he traveled the entire country speaking to everyday investors and the investment professionals they worked with. His experience has allowed him to see a wide spectrum of wealth in America and the range of lifestyles that money can provide.

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